Complete recordings

Serenity (2006)
"Music reflects the beauty of the world. It is to bring
people closer as a family to our understanding of what life is." (Odean
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The Mystery of Price Lasha
Mystery of Prince Lasha (2005)
"He had a mystical force around him that would attract the greatest musicians such as Sonny Rollins and John Coltrane. He was a great friend of Ornette Coleman. He treated me like a god. This is my tribute to him." -Odean Pope
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Nothing is Wrong, by Odean Pope
Nothing is Wrong (2004)
"Odean Pope, understated and yet ‘raw, powerful, and
Coltrane-esque.’ Not a weak track on the album … The product of
considerable discipline and much practice." (iTunes)
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Two Dreams (2004)
"A fine addition to Odean Pope’s discography as it is filled
with good, solid, expansive and timeless music." (iTunes)
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E.B.I.O.T.O. – Every Body Is On Their Own (1999)
"Being raised in Philadelphia inspired the anachronism because of all of the great forerunners who musically inspired me. However, it was crucial for me to find my own voice." -Odean Pope
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Odean Pope Saxophone Choir: Epitome (1994)
…gets to places few other large-scale jazz ensembles have
attempted to reach.

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The Ponderer
Odean Pope Saxophone Choir: The Ponderer (1991)
"It is like the person who thinks things out thoroughly which is what I like to do when I compose. Sitting in the corner someplace, thinking in the park by the pond, looking at the water…" -Odean Pope
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The Saxophone Shop
The Saxophone Shop (1986)
I grew up around singing and the choir and always thought
‘what would it be like to hear saxophones do the same thing I heard in the
church with the big vocal choirs?'” – Odean Pope
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Odean Pope Collections Volume I
Currently not available.

Changes and Chances
Description and sample clip coming soon!